Proxima Centauri nominated for sustainability prize in KlimaBoost

Proxima Centauri Aps has been nominated for a sustainability award, KlimaBoost, hosted by Middelfart Sparekasse. This new initiative, is intended to showcase leading start ups in their quest to solve challenges in a climate-friendly way.

At the event, the CEO of Proxima Centauri Aps Jan Pedersen, will talk about the natural casing industry, from his many years of experience, and how Proxima Centauri Aps aims at transforming the industry with state-of-the-art automated solutions, especially with a focus on the environmental footprints.

CEO of Proxima Centauri Aps, Jan Pedersen, talking about the natural casing industry, and how Proxima Centauri Aps intends to make it more sustainable, by offering state-of-the-art robotic solutions. Photo credit: Middelfart Sparekasse in collaboration with TV2 Fyn.

The nominees will be assessed by a panel of high-profile business leaders, politicians and academics. The panel consists of:

  • Heidi Boye, Country Manager for Too Good To Go in Denmark.
  • Tommy Ahlers, Political spokesman (V), investor and former Minister of of Higher Education and Science.
  • Signe Wenneberg, Journalist and author.
  • Steen Hildebrandt, Professor Emeritus of Organization- and Management Theory from Aarhus University.
  • Peter Kofler, Head of Dansk Iværksætter Forening, an association for Danish Entrepreneurs.

Prior the event, CEO Jan Pedersen said:

Today, natural casings are still transported and shipped to locations far away from the production facilities for the caliber measurement and sorting. To this end, robotic solutions, like the ones we develop here at Proxima Centauri, will enable local caliber measurement and sorting, making the casing industry far more sustainable. In this instance, robotic casing sorting solutions are a win-win technology for cost savings and the environment.
CEO of Proxima Centauri, Jan Pedersen