SelectiCa Sorter P1 for pork casings

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SelectiCa Sorter P1 for pork casings

The SelectiCa Sorter P1 is the world’s first complete solution for automated loading, caliber measurement, detection of perforations/holes, cutting and sorting of natural casings. The SelectiCa Sorter P1 is CE marked for safety conformity, critical parts classified as IP67 and approved for use in the food industry. Sort casings from around 1.000.000 pigs a year at 16 hours of operation per day,  at a fraction of the cost, and eliminate the need for shipping your casings across the globe. Sort casings, locally, according to your specifications, at your convenience.

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the world's first complete sorting solution for casings

The SelectiCa Sorter P1 is a state-of-the-art, caliber measurement and sorting machine for natural casings. Combining technologies invented and developed at Proxima Centauri, with our custom artificial intelligence-powered software solution, the SelectiCa Sorter P1 is autonomous all the way from loading of casings onto the caliber measurement stage, to unloading of sorted casings. 

SORT MORE CASINGS faster, at lower costs

Thanks to our patented water pressure valves, the SelectiCa Sorter P1 provides highly accurate caliber measurements 100 times per second, running at 2 meters per second. Compared to manual sorting, the SelectiCa Sorter P1 reduces the sorting costs about 50%. Get in touch with a representative from Proxima Centauri, and we will help you estimate how much you could save.

Challenge the status quo

Avoid capital binding during transportation and shipping. Measure and sort the calibre of natural casings at your local production facility.

Protect your business from the impacts of veterinary restrictions imposed during outbreaks of viral infections in livestock.

Reduce costs of sorting and reduce the carbon footprint of your products. A win-win-win situation for the climate, your business and brand.

Reduce the water consumption for caliber measurement, and perform measurements directly in unheated water.

Ensure unparalleled traceability and quality of your products. Follow the consumer trends for high-quality local produce.

Screen recording of SelectiCa STELLAR operation software, sped up x8 for illustration.


Introducing SelectiCa STELLAR, the machine operation software of the SelectiCa Sorter C1. SelectiCa STELLAR provides an intuitive user-interface, allowing anyone to operate the SelectiCa Sorter P1 after just a couple of hours of training. Relate measured casing profiles to suppliers by  inputting supplier identifiers, and set the desired sorting specifications directly via the SelectiCa STELLAR interface. Take control of your sorting, and improve the value chain of your business.

SelectiCa Sorter P1
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The SelectiCa Sorter C1 has been carefully engineered with attention to details. We have spent years perfecting our revolutionary technologies to allow rapid, consistent and accurate sorting of casings. Download the brochure to learn more about the SelectiCa Sorter C1.

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Sort casings powered by the latest technology and artificial intelligence

Accurate caliber measurements, sorting and cutting is critical to maximizing the value of your sorted casings. Our artificial intelligence-powered cutting algorithm maximizes the value of your sorted casings, accounting for length, caliber and holes/perforations in the casing. 

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Founder & CEO

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Founder & CEO


The SelectiCa Sorter P1 is designed for maximum efficiency and reliability. Casings fed to the machine are housed in a double sliding-door cabinet, so that operators can safely interact with the machine without having to stop the sorting process. Casings are automatically fed unto the caliber measurement and hole-detection stage inside the SelectiCa Sorter P1.


SelectiCa Sorter P1 is shipped with a version of our own artificial intelligence-powered operation software, SelectiCa STELLAR. SelectiCa STELLAR determines the optimum positions to cut the casings, accounting for holes and perforations in the casing, length and caliber transitions. In turn, you can effortlessly maximize the market value of your sorted casings.


SelectiCa STELLAR is the intuitive operation software of the SelectiCa Sorter P1. The machine can be operated, via SelectiCa STELLAR, after just a couple of hours of training. Operators are able to input and process sorting specifications, specify supplier identifiers, add and save sorting recipes, as well as monitor the status messages of the machine through the dedicated touch screen panel.


The SelectiCa Sorter P1 will automatically place sorted casings in one of the nine designated buckets. The caliber and length specifications of each bucket is set using the SelectiCa STELLAR interface, and once the bucket is full, the bucket is rotated from machine-side to operator-side. As in the case of automated loading, this means that operators can safely engage with the machine from the outside, while it keeps sorting.