Proxima Centauri signs contract for delivery of four SelectiCa Sorter P1s

Proxima Centauri has signed its first contract for the delivery of four SelectiCa Sorter P1s, our flagship automated caliber measurement and sorting solution for pork casings, to a major European operator in the natural casing industry. The SelectiCa Sorter P1 is the first-ever sorting solution for casings to hit the public market.

Jan Pedersen, CEO, in front of SelectiCa Sorter P1.
CEO of Prixima Centauri, Jan Pedersen, with the SelectiCa Sorter P1.

The contract represents a paradigm shift in the natural casing industry, that traditionally have proved extremely difficult to automate. The intricate nature of handling natural casings, measuring their caliber and sorting them, has for a long time necessitated labour-intensive and expensive sorting processes. Through the research, innovation and development of new, patented technologies from Proxima Centauri, it has been possible to drive the engineering of a highly automated sorting solution for natural casings, the SelectiCa Sorter P1, the first of its kind available on the international market.

There should be no doubt that going back to the beginnings of the natural casing indstry, the caliber measurement and sorting process has been associated with highly labour intensive processes, required extensive shipping and transportation, and bound capital on the sea for months at a time. The contract that we have now signed for the delivery of four SelectiCa Sorter P1s represents the first transformation of the natural casing industry by automating the cumbersome caliber measurement and sorting process. In the future, we’ll see that local, automated sorting will be an extremely attractive and economically viable alternative to traditional manual measurement and sorting of natural casings.
CEO of Proxima Centauri, Jan Pedersen

In addition to the release of the SelectiCa Sorter P1, the team at Proxima Centauri has also been working on new technologies and accessories that will be released to the public soon.

For more information on the SelectiCa Sorter P1, please visit the product page, or contact CEO Jan Pedersen on